Monday, November 3, 2014

Patti at the Troc 12/6

Winter warm air, rain that should be snow wanders along Arch Street gathering light and laying it across the pavement/  Slow breathing, vibrating air filling the cavern space.  Gathering moving swirling, the air wraps a slow dance around a heartbeat.
Many hearts
one heartbeat.
Gathering darkness, look inside.  Stillness erupts into life.  Spirits called, spirits answer and gather themselves inside us, dancing to the heartbeat, slow enough to wander lonesome.
Lonesome cry, the blessed dust rising from ancient radios.  One foot forward, balanced on the bridge, this bridge we cross tonight.  Strong enough? Invisible bridge, crossing spirits, gathering passion, sonic harvest, the fields are heavy as wind brings release.
spirits, we shall live again!
Holy ghost sweating, breathing hard
call on those holy fighting ghosts
revolutionary dreamers
dancing barefoot to the slow rising wave
one wave
a million waves
rise and fall
night and day
and lovers gripped by slow burning, consuming lust, hot fire, sonic lust, the sound of life
the hot pulse of night passion
quick torrent
split second passion burn
Catch me now!
Take me now!
Look fast! A million brilliant stars calling home the storm
holding the hurricane in your arms
air surrounding
air inside us
moving us together
fountains rising
lightning storms from the desert flash the city
walking in the footsteps of revolution
The gospel ship sets sail
and we whirl and dance in our power
amazed at the visions
amazed at the power we create and share
and then,
breathe again
into the night
the warm December air, a million streetlights like stars all along Arch Street.

-Kevin Slick

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