Monday, November 3, 2014

Blessed Dust

Blessed dust
Blessed street, gravel and lamp post
Blessed noise from the dust in your heart
Blessed is the heart of dust
Clinging to your footsteps
Perfect, fine dust that gathered and waited between the sections of sidewalk
Of home.

Green roads leading home
Time travels into my heart
Blessed dust rattles through the wind
The wind of November
Wind at night
Torn sideways like a fragile corn plant
Formless air in the midday heat
Air that begins to ripple
Convulsing with beauty

Flickering light
Out on the fields of home
The dance of a thousand grey shadows
On the floor of the forest
The dance of a thousand eyes
Touching the beautiful sky
Touching the beautiful screen

A photographed undeveloped
She is blessed
With dust on her hands and feet
Blessed dust that falls gently from her eyes
And welcomes me home.

-Kevin Slick

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