Monday, November 3, 2014

Desert Song

Desert song
The notes are so slow
they enter in dreams only
and I listen through my fingers
The rhythm of the ground
sifting between my hands
I am listening with my skin
to the cool touch of shadow in a deep canyon
Desert song
like waves of sound
riding the stone ridge of the San Rafael Swell
Desert song
an echo
a counter rhythm for my heartbeat
in that place where my footprints disappear
I listen for the harmony
I taste the melody in the air
In this place I hear my sound join the slow, ancient sound
I am one string on a violin
In that moment I am one note in a symphony
In that moment I am the most important sound in the universe
In that moment I am one sound in a thousand others
merging, invisible, in a slowly changing chord
a wave like any other
so beautiful on the sea
Desert song

-Kevin Slick

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